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Western Office: +1 604 787 4050 | Eastern Office: +1 514 234 0551

Value Based Selling

Price is always a concern when value is not perceived.

Teaching the buyer’s process and working with your teams to improve the customers purchase experience and your bottom line.

The process of understanding and reinforcing the reasons why your offer is valuable to the purchaser is critical in building the value equation. Value-Based Selling is all about working from your strengths and proposing solutions that the customer clearly sees as a benefit.

By understanding and reinforcing the reason why a transaction will be valuable to the customer, you simultaneously increase the likelihood of a transaction as well as the price the buyer will be willing to pay. Our goal should be to listen and understand vs. trying to sell them something they do not want or need.

In reality, the best salespeople are the ones who can listen intently for the things the customer really wants. They ask good questions to identify the customers purchase motivators, define the solution, and present it in a logical way so the customer can make the emotional decision to purchase.

Value based selling is all about building high levels or trust and respect. It allows the customer to be in-control and ultimately builds long term relationships. Customers that experience value-based selling are far more likely to be loyal to your business.

When you emphasize just how valuable your offer is in relation to what they are looking for it helps in shift the focus from price of your offer to the value it will provide.