Western Office: +1 604 787 4050 | Eastern Office: +1 514 234 0551
Western Office: +1 604 787 4050 | Eastern Office: +1 514 234 0551

Our Team

Michael Lenz

Michael is a Professional Certified Coach, trainer, and facilitator with over 30 years of automotive experience. He acquired his vast knowledge of dealership processes at both the retail level, with several large import and domestic dealerships in Vancouver, and at the wholesale level, through direct employment with Nissan Canada Inc.

His aptitude of the automotive industry, combined with his insight of the consumer, has resulted in strong dealer relationships across North America. He has successfully trained in sales, management, and fixed operations in over 1000 dealers across North America. In the last decade, Michael has delivered over 15,000 hours of offsite training workshops to thousands of corporate and automotive participants.

As a co-founder, he has developed and implemented relationship management processes, designed curriculum, and delivered communication skills training. He has a strong focus on driving performance and improving profitability for clients, all the while advocating a mission to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. Michael is known for his genuine, authentic, and caring approach to all of those he works with. He is always looking for the best in people and is passionate about helping them achieve their true potential.


Telephone: +1 604 787 4050

E-mail: michael@drivetrainingsolutions.ca

Dan Paras

Dan Paras has been in the automotive business for over 25 years. He celebrated a successful career retail automotive as a General Manager/ Co-Owner. Dan is the co-founder of our company.

For over 25 years Dan has delivered training to thousands of participants across Canada. His focus on driving results has put Dan in high demand with most of the automotive manufacturers, as well as hundreds of automotive dealers in Canada.

His expertise includes sales skills, product knowledge, lease/lease renewal processes, management training, business coaching, F & I, fixed operations and used car inventory management. Dan draws on his experience in dealership to bring effective results-oriented methods to driving performance.

Dan also has an extensive background in Insurance and Banking, where he has trained hundred of front-line financial advisors in negotiation skills. His approach to driving results lies in his keen sense to recognise opportunities and drive human performance to realize them.

Dan is one of Canada’s Premier Automotive Trainers.


Telephone: +1 514 234 0551

E-mail: dan@drivetrainingsolutions.ca

Strategic Partners

Bruno Chayer

Bruno Chayer is a skilled speaker, trainer, facilitator, and coach with a passion for the automotive business.

After 20 years working on the retail side of the business, with different brands, he decided to pursue his dream of giving back to the automotive retail world. His vast knowledge acquired over years of successful leadership, make him well suited for developing the participants he works with.

From 2010 he has coached and trained thousands of people in dealerships across Canada and internationally throughout Europe. He has worked with manufacturers and retailers throughout his career.

Bruno is highly sought after due to his caring approach and genuine desire to see people become the best then can. He depth of knowledge in Fixed Operations makes him a perfect candidate for businesses looking to develop bottom line results.

As the marketplace evolves, Bruno continually enhances his own knowledge base. His mantra to bring the best out in his students: “As the world changing, so must the training and coaching approach”.

Tom Telfer

Tom Telfer is an accomplished manager, coach, facilitator, and trainer. With over 30 year’s experience in retail and corporate automotive, Tom has continued to drive business results with his clients. He has also spent many years working in the public sector.

He has a proven ability to achieve objectives, mobilize resources, use initiatives, and engage employees. Tom is known for his broad knowledge base and compassionate approach. He has built and maintained positive relationships across Canada because of his trademark qualities; Credibility, integrity, compassion, and a positive reputation make Tom a highly sought-after coach, trainer, and facilitator.

Whether he is facilitating meetings with senior executive teams, developing curriculum, editing product material and processes, or working strategies for business growth, Tom is always recognized for getting results. He has a strong focus on adult learning principles that extend from his associates to himself. As a lifelong learner, Tom continually invests in his own professional development. His personal approach is one of continual improvement and his clients appreciate that he stays current with his knowledge and skills.

At his core, Tom is described as knowledgeable, humorous, empathetic, organized, perceptible, communicative, loyal, and family oriented. He is fiercely determined and competitive in all aspects of his life. All these attributes are wrapped in a calm demeanor, where Tom shows up competitive, interactive, and community minded.

Thousands of participants across Canada have garnered new knowledge and skills that they were able to transition back to their workplace. Business owners have seen measurable improvements in the attitudes and behavoiurs of their teams that have resulted in specific financial improvements.

Tom loves his work and it is evident in the feedback he continually receives.

Doug Macdonald

Doug is an innovative, outcome-oriented facilitator and coach. He has experience in organizational development, training, and leadership. As a professional with extensive technical and process experience, his business acumen has helped him hone his focus on continuous improvement for his clients. He has focused on leadership and interpersonal development skills in high volume manufacturing and assembly plants, as well as, automotive at the manufacturer and retail level. Doug in high demand across North America.

His experience in human resources is complimented by his professional coaching designation. A graduate of Royal Roads university, Doug’s empirical knowledge is communicated effectively through his well-developed interpersonal, presentation, teaching, training, and executive coaching skills.

In his forty second year in the automotive sector, Doug is one of the few automotive professionals with a unique background in automotive that extends from the ground up. His hands-on experience started in a tire plant and he was able to develop is skillset through various assembly plants. Ultimately this experience led him to a senior leadership role for three separate brands. His passion for automotive continues as he chooses to focus his efforts at the manufacturer and retail level throughout North America.

As a professional certified executive coach, consultant, facilitator and trainer, Doug has worked for and supported national programs and projects predominantly in North America. He has also worked extensively on projects in Europe, Russia, China, and Japan. Overall, Doug has been a part of projects for twenty-one automotive brands throughout his career. He is currently supporting several individual retailers addressing specific business growth and improvement projects.

Doug’s style is very much suited to the automotive business. His general approach would be characterized as results oriented and pragmatic. His “tells it like it is” approach is appreciated by his clients. Doug is highly adaptable and keeps his focus on driving the results his clients want.

His approach brings a refreshingly honest message. He believes that time wasted is revenues lost, so he makes extensive efforts to stay at the cutting edge of automotive retail. Doug is always looking at how his clients can reframe and adapt to the ever-changing business environment.

A storyteller at heart, he has a strong desire for his clients to learn, develop, and excel in their business. Clients often offer feedback that reflects on his ability to capture the learning moment in a relatable story. With an authentic approach, Doug facilitates in a way that participants can relate to as credible. His playful, fun loving style always underpins his strong drive for business results.

Doug continues to mentor and coach people all over the world.