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Western Office: +1 604 787 4050 | Eastern Office: +1 514 234 0551

Team Engagement & Motivation

How to keep your team engaged and focused on your business goals and results while creating accountability with your team members.

The culture that exists within an organization is as unique, and once it has been established, it is difficult to change. In order to develop a culture of loyalty within your sales team, you must create an environment in which people feel a sense of commitment to help the organization achieve its mission. Ultimately, the sense of commitment is founded in trust of the leadership and trust in the company to deliver on it promises.

An engaged team is a winning team. Our workshops also focus on many aspects of team engagement. These include:

  1. Building Trust
  2. Interdepartmental communication
  3. Management Communication
  4. Conflict Resolution
  5. Empowerment
  6. Behavioral Accountability
  7. Connecting to your brand
  8. Working from our strengths


Motivation is one of the most challenging issues that leaders deal with when leading their teams. It is one of the most important components of sustained sales success over time.

As a leadership team, you can only influence your team’s sales performance in three areas: Their skill set (what they can do), their knowledge (do they know their product) and their motivation (how disciplined they are to executing daily activities).

Improving your team’s skill set is what we teach both leaders and employees.  By evaluating current performance metrics and comparing them to a successful new state, you can get to the root cause of what areas need improvement and act accordingly.

Motivation is far more difficult and most of it is short lived. This becomes exhausting for leader and uninspiring for employees.

We do not just supply a list of incentives to get your team going. Our goal is to get the leadership team connected with their employees to understand what motivates each of them individually. From there our training and coaching helps the leadership team execute their motivation in a connected way.