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Western Office: +1 604 787 4050 | Eastern Office: +1 514 234 0551


The Drive Forward – Empowering Positive Change Management

Developing leadership skills and decision making to meet your organisations goals

The classic quote rings true when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. “People don’t leave organizations; they leave their managers.” Part of the leadership development focuses on working with the leadership team to develop a successful strategy to attract, recruit and most importantly retain employees.
If you manage people, your ability to guide and communicate with others will be critical to your success. Improving your leadership skills might include understanding your communication style, or learning how to accelerate your team’s performance, or improving your time management skills, or managing conflict in the workplace

Many managers today are task oriented, with little training to develop their leadership skills. We recognise that promoting people to leadership roles without developing their interpersonal skills and coaching acumen, often yields team member turn over and limited sales success.

We take an evidence-based approach to coach, train, and guide each leader with an individual growth plan in place. The individual focus links to the overarching brand that the culture of the business provides. This ensures each team member is working toward the common goals of the organisation.